Privateers! Kickstarter

Welcome to the Privateers! Promotion Tool. You can use this to tell your friends about the Privateers! Kickstarter and get a few nice bonus items as a token of gratitude from us at Myling Games. You get 1 Promo Point per action you take to spread the word. The number of promopoints determines your rewards, as seen in the list below.

So, state your e-mail address, tell your friends using the methods below and get a reward!

E-Mail Address:  

You must enter an email address to get the promo sets. Make sure you use the same email address every time, and that you give us the same address in the Kickstarter survey after the campaign.


Disclaimer: You will only get the promotional products and bonuses, like Promo-set A and Promo-set B, if Privateers! gets funded through Kickstarter and if you have pledged at least $99. The reward list may be updated with extra rewards worth more Promo Points during the Kickstarter campaign. You can pay for the promotion rewards if you do not like to, or can, use this tool.

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